Hello everyone! 

As we all know, Tyler’s mother, Cindy has been dealing with breast cancer for a while now. Tyler has spoken extensively about it, and it was one of the driving factors for him to start working with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

Cyndi is a darling, and has been very outspoken about her love and support for Tyler since he was a child in the business. On a personal note, she was the one that reached out to Tyler Posey Online mere weeks after we launched in 2011 to thank us for the positivity and promotion of his work. Since then, she has helped us with getting him and his family to not only visit, but also to give us gems like this interview, passed along his 22nd birthday cake gift and this rare video of him as a child. 

This woman is so proud of her son(s) and is constantly on the lookout for his well-being (and her family in general). And it’s easy to see from even her Twitter. 

So, with the roundup of her chemo therapy happening this month, as well as the upcoming Mother’s Day (in the US), we’ve decided to show HER some love, send some get-well messages and generally just thank her for bringing up such a great guy and being such a great person.

She will be getting a lovely bouquet of flowers, some tea from Adagio and a card on or by May 11th. It would be great and much appreciated if the fandom would help pitch in towards realizing this goal.

We are also welcoming anyone that wants to share maybe some art (words or drawing) or even the card design. Anything at all, which could be sent to her. 

The flowers and delivery will cost about $80. You can donate here.


Any amount before May 8th is fine. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at staff(at)tyler-posey.us or send an ask to our tumblr. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is supposed to be a surprise, so we’d appreciate if no one tweeted or messaged Cyndi about this. Thanks!



So my historical costuming resources list from 2011 was less than a page long- I’m not saying that I’ve learned a lot in the past three years, but this list is now sitting pretty at a solid nine pages. Whew. And people wonder why I want to redo this damn series.

This list…

Anonymous said:
Black Widow or Black Canary who'd win in a catfight?


no one because they would get drinks and talk shit about clint and ollie because "ugh archers" and “i know right” 


Here’s a rebloggable art version

I’ve got this on a bunch of stuff over at society6


I hope that you, whoever you are, realize that no matter what other people would tell you, you deserve to feel as safe and happy and comfortable as this caracal kitten.

You are needed in this world.