[Image: Sam Wilson wearing his MCU Falcon uniform, the wings folded behind his back, and his arms crossed. He’s smiling at the viewer. He’s posed against a blue background with falling feathers and the caption: “Falcon.”]


Sam Wilson: Wingman of my heart. <3

I would love to be a superhero.-Anthony Mackie


Night Vale Inspires — Part 5

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Part 3: [x] Part 4: [x]

for anyone wondering what THAT PIECE was during THAT SCENE

isn’t Henry Cavill in this lmao this will probably suck

He is.  That’s how I discovered it existed.  I’m… so so SO deeply conflicted and confused and wondering WHY and unsure of why Arnie Hammer still has a job and for ILYA, seriously?  ILYA? But Henry Cavill as Napoleon is just… confusing.

I’m a giant ball of confused and facepalm.

I… should have known this was happening.  And yet, my brain.  MY BRAIN FOREVER WHUT.


Themyscira: Returning Home 

After dreaming about bringing Warrior Wonder Woman to life for years, this shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts feels like the zenith of the project. The setting was perfect, the weather beautiful, and the photographer - Andrew Ho - incredibly talented. I actually felt like an Amazon at home on Themyscira. 

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this is the kind of hero gotham always needed

Legit one of the best moment in the entire DCAU